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Blossom, was my nickname as a child given from my parents. I was always out in the garden picking their prize blooms to stick into jars or mudpies!  I still love nothing more than to be knee deep in compost and seedlings, foraging in hedgerows or picking flowers, (From my own garden!) to stick into jars!


My background is in art, illustration and design.  When I moved to Cornwall in 2000, I exhibted and sold paintings of the sea. As time progressed, my love of nature and flowers began to feature more prominantly and floral design naturally became part of my life alonside the oil paint and watercolours!


As the flowers bloomed, so did my business. With my trusty dog, Kelp at my side, (usually asleep and snoring!) I design and arrange wedding and event flowers. I love all things natural, wild and slightly undone.  Sea glass, driftwood, shells and natural ribbons, berries, seed pods, grasses and foliage are some of my favourites!   I grow as many flowers in my garden as I can,  down at the beach (Lusty Glaze), Where I am also comissioned as 'The flower lady!' and anywhere else people will let me!  


Take a look at my gallery for examples of my work or get in touch for a chat. I love to talk about your ideas, flower choices and wedding themes. Every bride & groom is different and I believe your flowers should reflect your uniqueness and individuality.


I am 'Blossom', the dog's name is 'Kelp'...

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t: 07388 114209      e: [email protected]

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